in our kitchen

These commandments are the pillars that best define our cuisine at the moment. Some are abstract, others are more concrete, some are redundant, but redundancy is what makes them more resilient.

These commandments are not sealed; they can be shaped, developed, extended, complemented, and even transformed.

These are our foundations, a set of guiding principles that do not restrain or limit, just guide us: 

1. Flavour is the most important thing;
2. Technique serves the product;
3. Ingredients are strictly chosen. We favor organic products, but we are not unyielding;
4. We try to make physical comfort linger outside the restaurant, so that the meal is always remembered;
5. Cooking is boiling, but not only that;
6. We value touch very much. We stimulate touch using different textures and contrasting temperatures;
7. We try to reduce the amount of fat and favor vegetable fats, but we are not unyielding;
8. Everything on the plate is there for a reason and even if we try to embellish it, all the elements and techniques are contextualized;
9. Cuisine always comes ahead of performance, yet performance is allowed and praised;
10. We try to reach harmony and balance by the combination of elements, techniques used, concepts applied, and quantities served;
11. We try to reach perfection by strict organization, dedication and attention to customers. When trying to reach perfection we achieve excellence;
12. The constant search for new products makes our cuisine evolve;
13. The constant search for new techniques, applications, and concepts is another way for our cuisine to creatively evolve;
14. To do differently we have to do as well or better. Otherwise it is better to do the same. Creation for itself is not praised;
15. We try to find new “packages” and new ways of serving;
16. We try to find and reinvent the identity of our cuisine every day;
17. We work to make or cuisine bring out memories of people, places, times;
18. Creativity is essential. It is thus promoted but never forced;
19. The artist works together with the artisan;
20. Sauces have depth and relevance while promoting the main product;
21. We try to decrease boiling temperatures, to use the most recent boiling techniques in search of the essential;
22. We encourage the occasional amusing and provocative element that brings out emotions and makes us think;
23. The final result comes from an ostensible simplicity, revealing the knowledge and complexity of the creative process technique;


José Avillez and his team look at haute cuisine as a form of expression. At the Belcanto they share their inspirations, emotions and concerns through their culinary representations and illusions. We value seasonality and non industrial production. We favor organic products, but we are not unyielding.

Each dish tells a story and sets out to stir the emotions of those willing to try it.