José Avillez

Executive Chef

David Jesus

Head Chef

Américo dos Santos

Pastry Chef

Filipe Pina

Sous Chef

Olívia Moreno

Kitchen Porter

João Oliveira


João Leitão

Sous Chef

Luís Reis


Alexandre Martins


Rodolfo Tristão


Luís Mira


Nádia Desidério

Head Waiter

Miguel Gomes

Sous Chef

José Duarte Gonçalves


Tomás Carreira


Pedro Sequeira


Mónica Santos


Pedro Pinto

Kitchen Porter

Rúben Ribeiro


Luís Malua


Filipa Figueiredo

Pastry Cook

Dante Cerezo

Kitchen Porter

Filipe Cardoso


Francisco Vaz


Considered one of the great Portuguese chefs, José Avillez stands out because of his enterprising spirit and drive to keep pushing further.

A fundamental piece to make everything happen. A man of noble feelings and a demanding perfectionist with a very big heart. He dedicates his (very little) free time to his family.

Dedicated and gentle, puts his heart and soul into everything he does. When he's not busy with a finger in every pie, he enjoys doing research on Portuguese gastronomy. He likes to play padel, jog and read.

Responsible and organised, he once dreamed of becoming a photo model, yet his heart was not in it, and today, cuisine is his life. In his free time, he enjoys going for walks and hanging with his friends.

Our Cape Verdean mum. Hard-working, strong-minded and easy-smiling. She dedicates her free time to her family, the center of her world.

Unwaveringly energetic, he boxes, practices krav maga, jogs and loves to dance. He enjoys writing, listening to opera and the combo of the two. Whenever he’s got time, he goes for walks with his family.

Driven by restlessness, he loves music, sports and travelling to new gastronomic horizons.

A tireless worker, always ready to help. A father of 4 and Benfica fan who enjoys reading, sports, cinema and cheering everybody up with his bad jokes.

A Lisboner who’ s known exactly what he wants since he was a kid - to cook. A fan of NBA and American football who saves his spare time for his family.

The pleasure of hosting was passed on to him by his grandmother who owned a café. He likes to stay active, goes hiking and plays soccer with his friends. He’s an avid reader of anything to do with wine and enjoys travelling, not just on the grounds of his passion for wine.

He dedicates his free time to his daughters and friends. He’s an insatiable spectator of theatre and movies and loves travelling also via ethnic music and travel literature.

A woman of action who never avoids the gym. In her free time, she visits farms and vineyards, participates in wine tastings and meets wine-producers.

He wanted to study sports, but after an internship in the kitchen of Hotel Albatroz where he met chef José Avillez, he turned to cooking and enrolled in the school of Hotel and Tourism in Estoril. In his spare time, he likes to play soccer and gather his friends around a lively table.

A man of few words, collected and reserved. He studied contemporary art and thought of becoming an architect. Later he came to realize that he didn't want to stray from the gastronomy world through his mom, a restaurant owner. Whenever he has time, he shares it with his closest friends.

One of five brothers, always shares his time with family and friends. Treasures the small pleasures of everyday life and their beauty. A Nature lover, oenophiliac and self-taught wine expert. You’ll never see him miss dinner with those he loves.

An Algarve native who spent 6 years abroad. In his leisure moments he enjoys being with his family and rediscovering Portugal through its restaurants. He’s also a soccer and tennis enthusiast.  

A Madeira native with a proud accent. Cuisine always sounded right, so she got into this world at a young age. Keeping in shape is a priority for her.

Tireless worker, a dedicated and highly respected staff member. An absolutely essential gear in the kitchen’s operation. A voluntary social worker who enjoys classical music and painting.

Dedicates his time to his family and girlfriend and finds the challenge of solving the puzzles in crime series addictive. Loves going out at night with his friends.

A Portuguese northerner, sometimes with an accent. Enjoys reading, mainly about social sciences and humanities, and crossfit training.

Passionate about animals and a Scout of ten years. In the field of gastronomy she always felt pastry was her calling, because she believes this area allows her to develop innovative ideas with deeper creative freedom.

Filipino, from the province of Pangasinan where he was a taxi driver. Every day, when he gets off from work, he picks up his phone to be with his family who’s back in the Philippines. Every Sunday, after mass, he joins the Filipino community gatherings.

Teach a man to fish… or cook, like his parents who taught him a love for cuisine. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, a sport he’s passionate about. He also keeps his feet on the ground and takes zealous care of a small vegetable garden.

Algarvean, from Vila Real, he grew up by the sea and breathes beach. Loves skating.